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About Us

Lauj Technology Services (LTS) was founded in 2021 by Nathan Lao. We were founded on the purpose of bringing enterprise-level of information technology services to the local residents without the cost of an enterprise service. With the belief that everyone who has technology, and/or is receiving new technology should be set up for success no matter the situation.

We have an amazing team consisting of skills that range from consulting, technical support, and designing, implementing, and maintaining devices, systems, and networks.

Our success comes from our ability to build relationships with people to find out what works best for them in their given scenario. We ensure that technology is always working while being secure. Our clients are our number one priority.


Our Mission

Our mission is creating a world of technology that is easy to use, understand, and maintain by providing outstanding services, and knowledge.


Our Values


We are committed to our clients and ensure that they are properly setup, and given all the knowledge necessary to use their technology.


We aim to be the best by providing excellent services, and knowledge.


No matter the situation, we have a passion for technology and love everything we do with technology. We want to pass our passion over to you.


We are committed to being completely transparent with you to ensure that you understand and learn everything about technology.