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We focus on making sure technology works for you, and not you working for technology.

Technology Services, guidance, and more.
Currently serving the Whitefish Bay, Glendale, Shorewood, and Fox Point areas.


We make tech easy to use and understand

Our goal is to make technology work for you and help you understand how to use the technology. We focus on the people to make their lives easier with technology. With expertise that ranges from technology consulting, on-site device setups, and much more, your relationship with technology is about to get easier!

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What do we do?

On-Site Services and Support

We will come to you and get technology up and running fast! Offering PC, Mobile Devices, Printers, and Networking Hardware setup, service, troubleshooting, and support.

Remote Support (Coming Soon)

We will provide remote support via calls, emails and text to ensure that technology is always working.

Managed IT Services (Coming Soon)

Becoming your IT Department so you can focus on your own life instead of the frustration of technology not working. Stay ahead of the curve of technology and attacks.

YouTube (Coming Soon)

Lauj Technology Services YouTube Channel reviews any new and upcoming technology from the perspective of a home user. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of technology and how it impacts your life.


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